FoRRest MOBILE Small Engine Repair Wylie, TX

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   Forrest Mobile Small Engine Repair is the brain child of Forrest "Chip" Brewster. He has a long history of maintenance experience. In 1991, he attended Howell Cheney Technical School located in Manchester Connecticut. There he received training in automotive and diesel engine repair as well as basic electronics. Forrest graduated in 1993 from Ellington High School and went head first in the maintenance world. He worked for the largest construction company in Ellington Connecticut. There he gained valuable skills working on large earth moving equipment, while also working with a leading edge landscaping company.

   Forrest left heavy construction and moved on to open his own landscaping company, Forrest Lawn Care. While the summers were short and winters were long, the financial strain took its toll, but he had one other ace up his sleeve. His father, Robert Brewster, a pioneer in both corporate and general aviation, guided him into that world. He worked for such aviation companies as AMR Combs and Million Air Ground Support. There his love of aviation grew to a passion. Forrest relocated with his wife Denise to West Palm Beach Florida where he assumed the responsibilities of Flight Line Operations Director for a aircraft charter company. At the same time, he also started working in the companies avionics department. There Forrest gained experience working on airplane and helicopter electronics equipment. Later that year, he began working for Palm Beach Avionics, where he gained experience working on retired Russian fighter / trainer aircraft. 

   In 2000, Forrest and his family, moved to Texas due to a floundering aviation market in Florida. He began a long career working for one of the top avionics companies in the United States. Unfortunately after 13 years, the company was forced to lay-off due to a troubled economy. He and his wife, decided to take control of their futures. They created the business plan of what is now Forrest Mobile Small Engine Repair. Today, we are still here and our commitment to providing quality service is our top priority.